Here are some ways we bring value to our landlords.

Fertility– When we begin farming a farm we grid soil sample using GPS technology.  We use this practice to allow us to put fertility right where it is needed.  We have seen some dramatic improvements, fertility wise, on the farms we have been farming for several years.

Scouting– We have our field scouted by an agronomist to help us make good and timely decisions about weed control, pest control and fungus control.

Technology– We use technology such as yield mapping, auto steer, auto boom shutoff, (on our sprayer) and gps based soil sampling.  We try to keep up with the technologies that make us more efficient and productive.

Communication-We try to keep our landlords well informed of what is going on.  We collaborate with our landlords by using cloud technology to share information via the web.  We are always willing to answer any questions you may have.

Friendship–  We have developed great friendships between our landlords and our families.  So much of business can become nothing more than a financial transaction, but we enjoy and have enjoyed building lasting relationships with our landlords.

  1. Soil fertility maps
  2. Yearly yield maps
  3. Tree trimming and clean up (to the extent the landlord wants us to)
  4. Place to securely log into our website and view information specific to you
  5. Road side ditch mowing


Retiring Farmers- If you have spent your whole life farming then obviously your land is very important to you.  We will work hard to treat your farm as if it is our own.  As you consider how to transition into retirement, please consider us to be your future farmers.  We are creative in how we work with people and I’m certain we can come to an arrangement that meets your needs.

INVESTORS- Investors have been looking at farmland for several reasons.

1) Current Income- Row Crop farm land usually produces between 4% and 8%

2)  Appreciation-  Purdue University found that the value of average quality farmland in Indiana increased on average by 7.4% over the past 20 years.

3) Inflation Hedge-Farmland has a positive correlation with inflation and is considered a classic inflation hedge.

If you are looking to invest in farm land somewhere on the map below, we would like to talk with you.

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