Our family has a long history in Agriculture. Our grandfather, Don Herrold grew up farming with his father, Raymond Herrold.  Our grandmother, Mae Herrold grew up on a farm as well, with her parents August and Minnie Grieger. Don purchased the farm and raised his family at the farmstead on Hwy. 421. Over time, he built the farm by purchasing land and working hard to make the farm productive.  He was some what of a pioneer in this area of Indiana in the area of irrigation, which allow us to grow specialty crops now. We are reaping the benefits of his foresight and labor.
Don eventually retired and passed the farming duties to his two sons, Ron and Henry Herrold. Ron (our dad) has recently retired, passing the farming duties onto Paul and Jeff. As fourth generation farmers it is our goal to build upon the foundation laid by our Great-grandparents, Grandparents, and Parents. The Bible says, a good name is rather to be chosen then riches or gold. We have been blessed to be given a good name and it is our intent to keep it that way.